Creigh Photography: Blog en-us (C) Creigh Photography (Creigh Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:42:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:42:00 GMT Creigh Photography: Blog 120 80 Mission Beach Centennial 2014 Creigh Photography is headquartered in Mission Beach, a sunny suburb of San Diego. Mission Beach is located on the west end of the city of San Diego, snugged right in the middle of Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach. With two miles of sandy beach, it is the ideal place to be. Especially today. Mission Beach had its 100th birthday. With a BBQ tasting, concerts, and all the ambience of Belmont Park.

Jennie, Reid, and I donned our beach apparel and began the walk to wish our neighborhood a happy birthday. We arrived and walked down the center of Belmont Park and began to check out the shops. Sun Diego had a few sales going on, Wings always has a lot going on, but my nose kept drawing me to the BBQ. My nose drew me all the way to the east parking lot, where a couple dozen BBQ caterers were cooking up some beautiful meat. Pork and beef and smells of smoke filled the air. Our eyes got big and we began tasting all the flavors those little piggy’s had to offer.  With our bellies full, we moved on to the north parking lot. We found a concert venue with dancing and singing, lined with vendors from surf shops to chiropractors. We had to stop at the lemonade stand for some sweet peach lemonade hydration. Walking back on the west side of the park, we passed Wavehouse, another piece of our lives. Almost three years ago, I married Jennie on the sand at Mission Bay, then walked the whole wedding party up to Wavehouse for our reception.  We stopped by South Mission Beach Draft, a restaurant at the park, and bumped into our neighbors, Ty and Melissa, having breakfast. We said our hellos and we were off, down the sand, past the lifeguard tower and into the water. We love our long walks on the beach, and with camera in hand, I began to do a few portraits of Jennie and Reid. 

Happy Birthday Mission Beach. 





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Reid's School Pictures I have been taking a lot of pictures of Reid over the years, and Jennie told me a few weeks ago that it was time for Reid's school pictures. Reid wasn't so fond of the idea. We went to the daycare he is in, went to the end of the hallway, and walked into the last room. Reid was petrified. Two soft boxes, props, backdrops, a whole row of kids staring at the person in front of the camera, and some lady with a camera. Reid wasn't impressed. I think it's because she was using a Nikon, but that's neither here nor there. Couldn't get a smile out of him no matter how much I jumped around the room, but all the other kids were laughing. We ended up with a mouth open (not smiling) picture next to a ladder. Fast forward a week. I bought a new lens (Tokina 11-16 f2.8), and was aching to try it out. I used it for the Heart Walk and loved it. It got me wondering what else I could use it on...

REID!!! Get your hawaiian shirt on, let's go to the bay! Barefoot walking down the court, Reid holding one hand, camera in the other, I brought him down to the bay and began to shoot. He was all smiles, which got me thinking...maybe we are both not into studios. I was getting some really crisp pictures with all the blur/bokeh in the right places. We headed down to the park at the end of the neighborhood and took a few more pictures before calling it a day. 



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2014 Heart and Stroke Walk, San Diego San Diego Heart and Stroke Walk 2014


Creigh Photography just completed event photos for the American Heart Association's 2014 Heart and Stroke Walk in Balboa Park, San Diego. Jennie and I had a great time walking the 5k with supporters and survivors. 










To donate or volunteer, please contact San Diego Heartwalk at


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Trip up the coast to Swamis Beach. It has been awhile since I posted because I have been working on the Creigh Photography website. I will keep you guys up on the latest that is going on with it. In other news, I went to Encinitas for some great images, and I found them. I went to the beach just down from Swamis, near the Self Realization Fellowship. I remember a few years ago there was a palm tree that died, and the city of Encinitas hired someone to carve it into something with a chainsaw. It turned out to be a tiki/Easter Island statue, which I captured at sunset- looks like it fits. I also found a small structure that someone built of driftwood and plant material. It was something different that I don't see very often, so I thought I would share it.

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