My name is Creigh (pronounced "Cray"), but I go by my middle name, Ryan. I've lived all over the Pacific Coast, from an island in Washington State, to the beach in San Diego. I have always had an eye for what looks good and a knack for taking great photos. Time went on and I met an amazing woman. Jenn entered my life and really gave me a direction, a purpose. We got married on the sand in Mission Beach, where we lived for many years. We began our lives together at the beach, maintaining a simple lifestyle. My photography really bloomed during our days on the beach together, when I would spend endless nights photographing sunsets and many days outdoors searching for my next shot.


Soon after we got married, I bought an old Canon camera and a couple of cheap lenses. I took a few pictures of the beach around where we lived and the reactions were very good. I took some classes, and finally entered an alternate reality where I could capture what I saw, what I imagined, and how I felt. With the support and encouragement of my family and friends, I embarked on what can only be described as a whirlwind adventure that has led to gaining a valuable skill set, meeting people in the field from all over the world, and traveling to places for photography I never imagined I would get to go to. As my portfolio expanded, my techniques refined, and my equipment improved, we began volunteering at events and photo sessions throughout the county. Soon after, Creigh Photography was born. We chose the name because in addition to being my first name, it is also the name of my grandfather, father, and son.


As lovers of the outdoors, we have a deep passion for beach landscapes, as well as other types of landscapes. I also love working with light and using my creativity, which is where my love of automotive light painting developed. Before photography, my main hobby revolved around automobiles, so blending these two passions has been exciting for me. Creigh Photography has also taken part in numerous portrait sessions over the years as well- weddings, quinceaneras, family portraits, senior portraits, sports and dance portraits, and much more. As the portrait photographer for San Diego Civic Dance Arts and an event photographer at the San Diego Heart and Stroke Walk for the past four years, as well as a Little League photographer for the past two years, this is a testament to our commitment to our community and our love of working with others in a field that is very dear to us.


What sets Creigh Photography apart from others in the photography business is my ability to use and understand light to better capture details and emotions in photos, as well as quickly adapting to whatever natural outdoor lighting conditions I encounter. To us, photography is far more than just "pointing and shooting." Photography is a way that we can capture beauty, emotions, milestones, and memories. We love sharing our passion with others and it is our hope that our photography brightens people’s lives. Creigh Photography is committed to working with our clients to make sure they are comfortable, happy, and involved in the process during every photo shoot.


While I am the one behind the lens, Jenn is also a valued part of Creigh Photography. She holds a Master of Arts in Management, has a background in performing arts, and has a knack for "thinking outside of the box" when it comes to poses, angles, locations, and post processing.